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Preservation and Place: The Cultural Landscape of Providence

2018 Symposium Bibliography

2018 Symposium Keynote Lecture video "The Natural History of Cities"

November 1-3, 2018

The 2018 Providence Symposium will present a range of events aimed to engage the public, design professionals, students, and PPS members as we investigate the layers of (sometimes invisible) cultural landscapes present in this city.

Each use shapes our city’s landscape in tangible and intangible ways, from buildings and rivers to place names and memories.  The Symposium will explore the many landscapes of our city—sacred, industrial, formal, threatened, vanished—and contemplate the ways we can recall and protect them or their memory for those who follow us. 

ron henderson Noted academics and heritage professionals will help us to unpack the breadth and depth of this emerging area of study, as well as offer case studies to relate elements of cultural landscapes to our ever-evolving urban landscape.

Featuring a FREE Keynote Lecture by Ron Henderson, FASLA on "The Natural History of Cities" on Thursday, November 1. Please see the full schedules below for more details.

Thursday Schedule

Friday Schedule

Saturday Schedule

Symposium Committee

Rita Danielle Steele, Chair

Alisa Augenstein

Jim Barnes

JP Couture

Charlie Hartfelder

Courtney New

Elena Pascarella

Carla Ricci

Elaine Stiles