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Beyond Buildings: Preserving The Livable Neighborhood 

All of Providence’s neighborhoods are historic, and historic preservation informs how all of us engage with the places where we live, work, and play. Providence’s neighborhoods help us trace how the City was built, and why. Through them, we reveal the people, cultures and economics that contributed to the city’s evolution. Each neighborhood tells a unique story of Providence and its people. Over time, as the city matured and populations shifted, local landmarks also took on new roles, uses, and meanings and residential, commercial, civic, and recreational spaces evolved.

The 2015 Providence Symposium will examine neighborhood identity, neighborhood assets and the importance of “human capital” to the city’s success. Building on our 2014 focus on downtown Providence and what makes a great city, we move into the neighborhoods to contextualize current trends in immigration, mobility, and home ownership; discuss programs and policy blueprints for upward mobility, sustainability, and community development; and honor the individual character of Providence’s neighborhoods.

The traits of a great city include neighborhoods that are pleasant, safe, and well maintained. These are places that foster their residents’ sense of wellbeing
and offer opportunities for health, wealth, and quality of life. We believe great places are nurtured by preserving places of architectural and historic significance. Preservation sustains the distinctive cultural histories and unique character of our neighborhoods and downtown districts. 

The Providence Preservation Society invites you to join us in a dynamic conversation this year at the 2015 Providence Symposium—

• How does community development preserve and celebrate a historic neighborhood’s identity, express the city’s history as a whole, and create upward mobility for residents?
• What actions can the City of Providence, stakeholders and the community take to increase homeownership, decrease abandoned properties, and seed a positive trajectory in Providence’s communities?
• How can we activate our neighbors and the local residents to build their own communities - with great schools and community landmarks, quality services and good jobs, and all together beautiful places to live?

 Join us this fall as we discuss the embedded opportunities found within our historic neighborhoods.