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J. Trey Scott

j trey scott J. Trey Scott is an Urban and Regional Planner from Brooklyn, NY. His interest in Urban Planning was sparked by witnessing his neighborhood, Bedford-Stuyvesant, undergo rapid transformation. He would later move to the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, and draw parallels between the gentrification in Virginia and New York.  Furthermore, as a student of history, Trey was concerned with lack of diversity in the Planning profession and how planners historically altered the landscapes of communities of color without their engagement. In addition, two books titled, "There Goes The Hood" by Dr. Lance Freeman and "The Power Broker" by Robert Caro would further spark his interest  in City Planning. He attended undergrad at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA and Graduate School at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. His current role is Principal Planner for the City of Central Falls. Prior to moving to Providence, Trey worked for various organizations throughout the Metro NYC region specializing in economic development, city planning, government affairs, and public outreach on major infrastructure projects such as the Long Island Rail Road Third Rail Expansion Project and the New New York Bridge aka Tappan Zee Bridge. Asides from City Planning, Trey's major passion is providing effective and responsible governing to all citizens and promoting the political engagement of vulnerable populations.